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In our desire to support local businesses that are essential to our industry, we chose to partner with Bartholomo cooperage, who supply all barrels and casks for our Armagnacs, which are its specialty.

The family business, taken over in 1982 by Gilles Bartholomo, is located in the Landes, in a town bordering the Gers. This is the last craft workshop still active in the area. He gets his supplies of wood from only French forests.

Working with a high idea of its craft, the cooperage attaches great importance to the drying of wood, a crucial step to ensure the quality and longevity of the barrels. Thus, some of the wood used is dried in its own park for 30 months, which exceeds the average of the sector. The assembly operation and the heating are done manually, in the purest tradition of the trade.

During the creation of the casks, the wood is heated to allow the bending of the staves, but also for the supply of odorous compounds. 


The casks used for the OAK finish benefited from 2 types of heating:

  • 2 hours on a low heat of 120-150 ° C with more coals than flames, to obtain spicy notes.

  • 2 hours of average heat of 150-190 ° C with more wood and flames to develop vanilla notes.

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